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House Commission & Listing Enhancements
As the website owner you can setup your own commission percentage which means you members will pay you a % for all items sold. You can also setup and enter your own website terms and conditions. Members can enhance their listings with new features such as featured text, highlighted listings, HTML descriptions. Each enhancement you can charge extra a fee making it a great revenue resource

The website comes with a unique page for each listing posted on the website. Each page is search engine optimized, because of this every page will be indexed by Google and all the other major search engines and related keywords, this will result in highly targeted and free traffic to your website. This traffic will continue to increase as new listing are added to your website. From years of trial and error We have come to the conclusion that content truly is king, the more content a website has to offer its users the better. A website that is developed according to the search engine rules and offers lots of content simply can NOT fail.  A blog section with related articles is also included allowing you to post products reviews for any items you want, doing this will again get all product review pages listed in he major search engines under targeted keywords.